Turbidimeter Market to Witness Increasing Revenue Growth During the Forecast Period 2018-2028

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Turbidity is an important quality indicator which shows the presence of algae, organic matter, microorganisms and micro particulates in fluids. In addition to turbidimeter distinct as the measurement unit for the suspended sediments particles present in the water. There are various sectors including chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, paper and pulp industry, power generation industry where turbidity measurement in industrial effluent treatment plants are to be found. Turbidimeter considered as the easiest and accurate fluid analysis technique. Moreover, used to monitor the microbiological cultures in antibiotic production in various end use industries. With advanced development in technology as photo detector sensor, turbidimeter designs can able to detect the micro changes of transmitted light intensity.

Additionally, in the food processing industry, turbidimeter flushes water and washwater from production, contaminated with fats, milk and emulsifier residues. However, designs still lack of the capability to measure high or very low levels of turbidity. As turbidimeter works on different concepts of measuring light interactions with a fluid, so different designs are available for different applications with variations in the number, size, color, and shape of particles. There are a different object which can affect the quality of water, so regulations set the level of turbidity. In U.S., public drinking water turbidity control should not exceed 1 NTU leaving the treatment plan. According to the European government standards, turbidity is no more than the 4 NTU. Furthermore WHO states that turbidity should not exceed 5 NTU and ideally be below 1 NTU. Such government standards upsurge the demand for the turbidimeter in municipal and industrial areas.

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Turbidimeter Market: Dynamics:

Increasing usage of turbidimeter for analyzing water quality in different industrial processes such as water processing, food processing, chemical and, paper & pulp, is expected to elevate the demand for the turbidimeter. Additionally, the mineral treatment industry also requires the system to take water samples at the site and measure the turbidity, usage of turbidimeter trigger the processing and deliver the required results. In recent years, urban synthetic milk consumption has increased in developing regions, which is further expected to upsurge the growth of turbidimeter market in coming years. Chemical and power generation industries are also trailed the significant demand for the turbidimeter. Furthermore, stringent government regulations create a substantial market need for the turbidimeter.

Spite of delivering advantageous applications, turbidimeter also offers disadvantages as Inconsistent readings among different designs, Air bubbles in the sample reflect light and give erratic signals and others. Such factors are expected to hamper the turbidimeter market growth.

Turbidimeter Market: Segmentation:

Turbidimeter market can be segmented on the basis of product type, and end use applications

On the basis of product type, turbidimeter market can be segmented as

  • Laboratory Turbidimeter
  • Portable Turbidimeter

On the basis of end use applications, turbidimeter market can be segmented as

  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Others

Turbidimeter Market: Regional Outlook:

Stringent government regulations in the North America region, bolster the demand for the turbidimeter in various industries. Moreover, Countries in North America U.S., and Canada are expected to account for the major share in the turbidimeter market. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations entail that municipal wastewater treatment plants should provide treatment to meet total suspended solids. Furthermore, Europe region is also expected to show high upsurge in the turbidimeter market, as necessary government standard followed by the end use industries. Growing concern towards the health in developing regions, treatment plants are focusing on improving the quality standards of water which necessitate the turbidimeter. Such factors are estimated to create high demand in Asia Pacific region over the years. In Latin America portable water standards are regulated under different norms, to decrease the cosmetic effect of the water. Increasing adoptions of the regulatory government norms, turbidimeter demand has been risen over the years. MEA region is projected to deliver moderate growth in turbidimeter market over the forecast period.

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Turbidimeter Market: key Market Players:

Examples of some of the market participants in the global Turbidimeter meter market identified across the value chain include

  • Hach Company
  • Panomex Inc.
  • HF Scientific Inc.
  • Hanna Instruments Ltd
  • OPTEX Environment
  • DKK-TOA Coporation
  • Palintest
  • Tintometer Gmbh
  • TPS Pty Ltd
  • WTW (Xylem Inc.)
  • VELP Scientifica