New report: U-Tube Viscometer Market opportunities and forecast assessment 2018-2028

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U-tube Viscometer is an instrument, which is used to measure the viscosity of the fluid. U-tube viscometer is also known as capillary viscometer or Ostwald viscometer. It is consist of U shaped glass tube and vertically held at controlled temperature bath. Moreover, one arm of the U-tube is a precise narrow capillary or bore. Above capillary section it is held a bulb, and another bulb is at lower the capillary section of the U-tube viscometer. In U-tube viscometer, upper bulb is used to drawn the liquid by suction, and then allow to flow down through the bore into the lower bulb. The time taken for the level of the liquid to pass between the given marks is directly proportional to the viscosity of the liquid. Additionally, U-tube viscometer is suitable for the laminar flow of the liquid, and the viscosity of the liquid is determining by the Rh number.

Furthermore, U-tube viscometer is widely used in the diagnostics laboratories as well as industrial laboratories such as in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. U-tube viscometer is high strength glass tube which is suitable for range of the fluid pressure, and it will be vary on the basis of the velocity of the fluid.

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U-Tube Viscometer Market: Dynamics

Some of the key factors that drive the U-Tube viscometer market such as rise in technological advancements in the healthcare industry, new experiments and drug development in the drugs or pharmaceutical industry, increase in research activities in the field of science& biotechnology, prevalence and incidence of diseases.  Moreover, increase public & private healthcare investments, and growth in the adoption of automation technology in the hematology. Additionally, growing demand of the laboratories instruments owing to rise in the new research activities for technology advancements and experiments on new developments in the field of science. All such factors are projected to propel the demand of the U-Tube viscometer in global market during the forecast period.

However, the U-Tube viscometer are generally require high maintenance, rise in instrumental automation in laboratories, and presence of the alternative of the traditional U-tube viscometer such as digital viscometer. Some factors are expected to hampering the demand of the U-tube viscometer in the market during forecast period.

U-Tube Viscometer Market: Segmentation

The global U-Tube viscometer market can be segmented on the basis of type, capacity end-use and region.

On the basis of type, the U-Tube viscometer market has been segmented as:

  • Laboratories
  • Industrial

On the basis of capacity, the U-Tube viscometer market has been segmented as:

  • Up-to 120 mm2/sec
  • 120 – 4000 mm2/sec
  • Above 4000 mm2/sec

On the basis of end-use, the U-Tube viscometer market has been segmented as:

  • Hospitals
  • Research and Academic Institutes
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries

U-Tube Viscometer Market: Regional Outlook

Globally, the consumption of U-tube viscometer depends upon the growth of the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industry, and strong investments in research and developments in the field of science and biotechnology. Asia Pacific is estimated to account for a significant share in the U-tube viscometer market, owing to the strong investments in China, and India towards innovation and developments along with technological enhancements in the pharmaceutical industries and chemical & petrochemical industries

The U-tube viscometer market in North America and Europe is expected to register substantial growth, owing to large base of diagnostics laboratories in these region. Additionally, rapid expansion and increasing number of diagnostics laboratories in these region could propel the growth of the U-tube viscometer during the forecast period. Middle East & Africa followed by Latin America and register to witness of steady growth rate in the U-tube viscometer market over the forecast period.

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U-Tube Viscometer Market: Market participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the U-Tube Viscometer market are:

  • Xylem Inc.
  • LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP
  • PSL-Rheotek
  • Inc.
  • Anton Paar GmbH
  • Fisher Scientific UK Ltd.
  • Thomas Scientific
  • Merck KGaA, Darmstadt
  • Hindustan Apparatus Mfg. Company
  • Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.
  • PCE Instruments
  • Malvern Panalytical Ltd.